Lightning Talks

February 19, 2019

Toronto Mobile .NET Developers Group is a community group for people who are interested in learning about the latest technologies, with a focus on Microsoft mobile development tools such as Xamarin and Azure. Topics will be open to any mobile technology and non-technical topics related to the mobile space.

Topics and Speakers

Last week, Toronto Mobile .NET Developers hosted lightning talks, which are shorter format and designed for more community participation. Other than the video streaming breaking in a few different ways, it was a great session!

Xamarin Forms RoadMap

I give a rundown of Xamarin Forms changes from v3.1-3.5 and we discuss some of the future changes in the roadmap

Dylan Berry (Twitter)

Building Offline Capabilities: Loading Initial Data

Daniel discusses the challenge of the initial data load with offline capable apps. He then walks us through a SQLite generation solution.

Daniel Causer (Twitter)

Mobile Accessibility

Saamer discusses the importance of accessibility and shows us how the Android accessibility controls work. He demos TalkBack and navigation using an accessible app.

Saamer Mansoor (Twitter)

Mobile Data Caching

Mark gives a walkthrough of using Monkey Cache and Xamarin Essentials to implement basic offline caching in mobile apps.

Mark Artega (Twitter)