Mobile devices are ubiquitous: Everyone has internet access anytime and any place.

And to say mobile is important for business is an understatement. Entire corporate empires are now built by focusing solely on mobile devices and mobile apps. With stakes that high, organizations need to take mobile seriously. Leveraging a strategy and execution plan is essential for success and sustainability.

Here is a basic list of what your organization should consider before building a mobile app:

  1. Audience – Who will use your app? Is the app intended for existing customers? Where and when will your app be used?
  2. Branding – Apps differ from the web as app stores allow users to rate and review. This can impact your organization’s reputation. Do you plan on using a new brand?
  3. Timelines – Is your app required for a specific date? Is there flexibility? How often will the app need to be updated?
  4. Marketing – How will you entice people to download and install your app?
  5. Staffing & Culture – Do you have the knowledge and experience to build and launch an app? Has a single owner been clearly identified? Are people empowered to make decisions and manage change?
  6. Lifecycle – What is your QA plan? How will you recruit external beta testers? How will you collect feedback and communicate with beta testers?
  7. Platforms & Tooling – Will the app target iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, web? What technology will be used to construct the app? How will the app be distributed? Will there be an Apple Watch or Android Wear companion app?

This blueprint, among many other considerations, are required to compose an effective mobile strategy. BSI Labs provides the expertise needed to craft your mobile strategy and develop 5 star iOS and Android mobile applications.

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