Research & Analysis

Our first step with you will be to establish a clear image of what your mobile app will be when it’s completed.  This will involve defining what problem the app will solve, what the core functionalities will be, how users will interact with your app, how your app will integrate to your organization’s systems and business processes, and which platforms are best for your app.

We’ll use our experience and proven research methods and tools, such as user-personas, stories, and mock-ups to define the go-forward plan and budget for your app.

Design & Prototype

This is the part where things get really exciting. We’ll collaboratively work with you to develop a prototype design of your app, screen-by-screen, using advanced and interactive prototyping tools. You will be able to see what the end product will look like with your branding and understanding how the app will be used.

In parallel, our architects will design the “back end” of the app. In this highly-technical step, our Team will design how data will be stored and synched with the app, define server-side logic, and establish how data from your systems and/or 3rd party providers will be integrated to your app.

Engineer & Integrate

Once the design and the architecture of the app are established, the app development team begins the actual work of building the app.

We use an iterative process (Scrum) to involve the representatives from your organization to regularly review the app and provide feedback. Based on your input, we’ll make adjustments to the evolution of the app. This regular interaction ensures that the evolution of the app is in-line with the original vision for your app.

QA & Deploy

During this phase, our Team will simulate various usage scenarios based on user stories and personas, test for potential security and privacy vulnerabilities, address compatibility with various devices and platform versions, and validate data integration with your business systems and/or 3rd party providers.

Once the app is rock-solid, we’ll begin to disseminate your app into the wild via the various store platforms and/or your private distribution network.


Once your app is released, we’ll use real-time analytical tools to closely monitor adoption and usage patterns.

As the adoption of your app grows and the needs of your business and users change, we can work with you on an on-going basis to implement enhancements for future releases and ensure that your app remains compatible with the newest iOS and Android platform releases and devices.

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