Architecting your app http service – Consuming rest APIs

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Do you ever wonder if the code you are writing is good? If it is the best you can do? How do you know if the classes you are building are extensible? If the architecture you created for your app will actually make it’s maintenance less scary? Well, I believe that these thoughts never go … Continue reading Architecting your app http service – Consuming rest APIs

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Xamarin.Forms ultimate horizontal list guide

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Hey Developers, happy new year! Let’s talk about UI components today! I have been playing around with custom controls, custom renders and other tools to try to get to the best solution for Cross Platform Horizontal Lists with Xamarin Forms! I reached a few solutions and Would like to share them with you! If you … Continue reading Xamarin.Forms ultimate horizontal list guide

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Road to Xamarin Certification 2

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Continuing with my experience getting certified with Xamarin University, now it is time to talk about the next step after the Professional Certification, the Certified Developer’s badge. If you wish to know about the first and pre-requisite certification, you can read about it in my previous post here. Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer This is the real … Continue reading Road to Xamarin Certification 2

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Road to Xamarin Certification 1

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Since I posted my certificate on Xamarin Developers Facebook group, to share the accomplishment with the community, I’ve been asked a lot: “How did you get certified?”. This post is meant to help those developers wishing to achieve certified status on Xamarin technology. Xamarin University They are the responsible for issuing certifications. Xamarin University has … Continue reading Road to Xamarin Certification 1

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New Phone

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Late last week, I had an untimely incident with my phone. Right before my sprint review, a mug fell a mere 3 inches on my OnePlus One cracking the screen causing the digitizer to stop functioning. This was the first phone which I have ever broken. I don’t use a case and I take good […]

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