Build Once Release Everywhere – APK

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Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration is key to any successful software, automating our build and release pipelines is a strategic matter. However, mobile apps are a special case, they are compiled applications, and there is no “Configuration” support out of the box like we have in web products web.config and appsettings.json. The lack of configuration support on mobile … Continue reading Build Once Release Everywhere – APK

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Xamarin Saturday

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Next Saturday in Toronto is Xamarin Saturday! In case you haven’t heard, the Toronto Mobile .NET Developers group is hosting a full-day session, Xamarin Saturday, on August 24th at BSI Labs. Whether you are totally new to Xamarin or are an experienced Xamarin expert, we will have something for everyone! We will have an incredible […]

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Xamarin Developers Summit 2019 – 5 reasons why you have to be there!

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Hey Xamarin Developers! In case you did not know, next month from July 11 to July 12 it will be held in Houston – TX, the biggest 100% focused on Xamarin conference that we have seen since the good old Evolve. Community Driven This conference is 100% community organized and driven, Dan Siegel decided to put his … Continue reading Xamarin Developers Summit 2019 – 5 reasons why you have to be there!

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Data Startup in Mobile Applications – part I

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In mobile applications, data is a critical matter: It always has to be available and ready to your users. This is even more true for enterprise applications, if data takes a long time to load, sync or is only partially downloaded from the server, it will reflect very poorly on your product quality. Internet instability … Continue reading Data Startup in Mobile Applications – part I

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