The Approach

We worked closely with Engineers to understand the challenges of their current process and look for opportunities to save time. Based on our discovery we created personas to capture the needs of our target audience, prioritized our features, and after a few sketching sessions, we created a click through prototype to test our designs and gather feedback.

Using an agile approach, we continued to prioritize our features based on valuable feedback that provided us with the insight required to refine the experience. The result is an application that is easy to use, and flexible enough to support Engineers and their preferred workflow for gathering their information. They have the option to enter as little, or as much information required for their report using the application. The easy export feature allows them an opportunity to complete the report on their computer.

The Challenge

Create an application for Engineers to use when conducting site inspections for their projects to reduce the time required to create their reports. Engineers typically use their phones to capture their inspection details such as pictures and observations. They would return to the office, email themselves the information and create the report in Word using their company template.

FieldGo was created to streamline this process, allowing the Engineer to quickly capture their observations and photos directly on their device, in their intended location in the report. Once completed, the application generates a formatted report using the company’s template.  These core features, coupled with the ability to capture client, project and report details results in saving valuable time.

The Solution

The Solution

Using the Microsoft Xamarin platform, BSI Labs developed both Android and iOS mobile solutions that allowed Engineers to:

  • Quickly create an inspection report to capture their observations and related photos
  • Consistently add categories and actions that can be associated across multiple reports
  • Create a repository of clients and projects that can be applied to reports
  • Easily export the report to a branded word template
  • Email the exported report to themselves or others if requried

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