The Challenge

GGC is a grassroots organization with over 12,000 female leaders spread-out across Canada.  Each of these ladies volunteer their time and effort to lead a group of girls in a Unit.  Activities include holding regular weekly local meetings, trips, fundraising and international experiences with girls of all ages…Sparks, Brownies, Girl Guides, and Pathfinders.  Leading these groups of young girls must be balanced with the responsibilities of family, work, and life at the same time.

GGC saw the opportunity to develop a mobile solution that would give these leaders the information and tools they need to lead their Units…anyplace, anytime, and at their fingertips.

The Approach

Since GGC is a grassroots organization with over 100 years of tradition and representation across Canada, we used an open and collaborative approach to understand the challenges, understand the issues, and look for opportunities to improve to save time and give Unit Leaders the information and tools they needed to lead their Unit.  We consulted with Guiders, girls and parents to develop a working prototype app that addressed prioritized stories, features and functionality.

Using an agile approach, we continued to work with the grassroots membership to develop the app.  Security and the protection and privacy of girl information was the most prevalent and critical theme throughout the development process.

Once developed, the application was released to a beta group of Leaders to use out the app in real-life Guiding situations.  Based on more feedback, we introduced additional updates and enhancements to the app.

The Solution

Using the Microsoft Xamarin platform, BSI developed both Android and iOS mobile solutions that allowed Unit Leaders to:

  • Securely and safely access contact information for girl, parents and guardians in their unit and quickly send messages about Unit events, gatherings and news.
  • Easily access policy, safety and procedural guidelines, girl program information, manuals and training materials from their mobile device.
  • Access, track, mange, and monitor girl progress for awards and badges earned.
  • Guiding Leaders can also share this information with girls and their parents so that they can also track their progress.

The solution tightly integrates this information with a centralized enterprise database that securely contains this information.  No sensitive information about the girl is stored on the mobile device.

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