Say It First and the Seven Generations Education Institute worked with BSI Labs to build 3 mobile games to help address the erosion of Ojibwe language. This erosion has contributed to a loss of cultural identity and an increase in youth suicide in indigenous communities. By learning language and gaining a sense of cultural identity, youth are 8 times less likely to commit suicide later in life.

Bubbles app main page
Bubbles app game play



  • Designed and developed three games, each addressing a different age group
    • Bubbles game for young children – very tactile and image driven.
    • Conjugation – For 8+ year olds. Teaches players very – noun conjugations.  
    • Scramble – For 8+ year olds. Platformer. Players play as a spirit animal, collecting letters to complete the level-word. Once all letters are collected, players must unscramble the letters in order to create the correct word.

Services included:

  • Developed to be mass downloaded by many students using ChromeBooks
  • Art assets created in-house
  • Worked with community members to translate and record words so that words are both visual and audible
  • Developed Games Design Document for each game from scratch to create game mechanics, design aesthetics, storylines and general look and feel
  • Ontario Provincial Government Sponsored
Conjugation app conjuguation page
Conjugation app


Scramble app main menu page
Scramble app on game play screen


Services included:

  • Built a cross-platform app for iOS and Android with Unity
  • Made available on the iOS App Store, Android Store and as a client download
  • Unity physics engine extended to allow for the correct bubble motion and scramble player jumping and movement
  • Proof of concept
  • Very aggressive timeline
  • Agile project management
  • 8 week accelerated timeline, August – September 2018

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