Mobile Enterprise Strategy

We can help your organization understand how mobile fits in your overall strategy and with your existing operations and ecosystem. Our experts can work with you to create a plan and define what it means for your organization to launch a successful app. Some questions that need to be addressed include:

  • Do I really need an app? Can a mobile-friendly site accomplish the same thing?
  • Which platforms / devices should be supported by my app?
  • How will my internal IT team be involved? Will they be able to support it?
  • How will our app integrate with our systems?
  • Where will the app’s data be hosted? Azure? On-premises? Hybrid? Other?
  • What are the security considerations for app distribution and usage?
  • Will my stakeholders/customers/employees use the app? What’s in it for them?
  • How much should I invest to see a worthwhile ROI?

BSI Labs experienced strategists will work with you to answer these (any many other) questions and subsequently develop a roadmap that will guide your organization’s mobile business strategy.

User Experience Design

Designing a solution with the user in mind is critical to the success of any IT solution.  Yet, it’s amazing to see how often the the experience can be forgotten amongst all the other elements of app development.

Creating an experience that is intuitive and delightful is an art form that requires balancing the needs of the user with the the business objectives and technical constraints. Traditional design elements including layout, navigation, colour, typography and imagery must be considered to create a positive user experience. We must also consider, concepts such as navigation, login, offline functionality, device sizes and mobile operating systems. With all of these variables it is important to understand your target market and concentrate on refining the experience on those essential devices.

Our team is staffed with highly talented and creative user experience and user interface experts that are passionate about championing the needs of the people who use our applications.  We’ll use a number of proven research design methods to define the user experience – including focus groups, interviews, surveys, observed behaviour, task analysis, statistics analysis, and scenario/persona exercises.


DevOps is at the core of all our projects at BSI Labs.

Our highly skilled architects and senior developers use a set of tools, standards and processes to ensure quality, maintainability and velocity. We work to ensure all technical deliverables will adapt to future requirements, scale appropriately and will stand the test of time. Feature flags, advanced branch management, code reviews and collaboration help us achieve these objectives.

We have a philosophy that our tools should work to speed up delivery. Our technical team automates builds and deployments with Azure DevOps Pipelines. We spend less time with the nuts and bolts and more time on features. As part of our build and release process, BSI Labs uses a continuous testing approach to automate tests and ensure high quality while reducing delivery time for fixes and new features.

Repeating the same task is wasteful, that’s why we focus on packaging re-usable components and managing both internal and open source libraries. Being able to leverage these pre-built components allows us to reduce costs and increase quality by writing less code and using proven components.

Manually managing and configuring infrastructure and environments is expensive and error prone. Using the power of Azure, we use an infrastructure-as-code approach to keep environments version controlled and automated. This makes spinning up a new environment or scaling a snap!

Our proactive approach to monitoring means that we can catch issues before customers call support. We have a variety of tools which leverage services such as Azure Application Insights and App Center to address problems before they impact your customer experience and your bottom line.

Mobile Application Development

Our development and delivery team is made up of business analysts, UX/UI design specialists, technical architects, developers, project managers and quality assurance specialists.  When creating an app, team members from each of these disciplines works as an integrated “pod” to create and deliver the solution.

We are focused on building top quality, high-performance mobile solutions. Our technical experts use best practices and are well-versed in the most current mobile technologies, including: PWA, WebAssembly, Kotlin, Java, Swift, Objective C, Xamarin, C#, React Native, Dart and Flutter.

Apps need data and we believe Azure is the best solution to housing and delivering data for your app. Whether you need VMs, a hosted app, docker containers or serverless, Azure has a large suite of services to build a reliable, resilient and scalable backend for your app. Not fully ready for the cloud? Azure VPN and Hybrid Connections can bridge the gap to your existing environments and allows you the flexibility of working with Azure in an incremental manner.

Our Team has had great success using the Scrum methodology during the development stages of the project.  This approach is supplemented by a collection of our own best practices and experiences to address key elements of a project – including change management, business process re-engineering, training, roll-out and cut-over.

Systems Integration

Developing a mobile solution for an organization’s specific needs almost always includes a requirement to tie into existing sources of information contained in systems such as ERP, CRM, and various point-solutions that keep your business running. We all see cloud based backends such as Microsoft Azure leading the way due to ease of management and development. Whether your organization is new to cloud technology or you are building on existing services, we can help integrate and optimize your systems for maximum ROI.

Our integration team is dedicated to solving the complexities of tying systems together so that information can be efficiently and securely accessed, managed and used with your mobile solution.

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